ONE OFF ANY is more than excited to present Bob Geerts’ first ever edition 'LUCHADORES POR LA LIBERTAD’. This unique series showcases hand-embellished prints on premium oak wood, enhanced with a glossy epoxy layer and custom framing.

In the 21st century, our struggle for freedom has taken on a new dimension. It's no longer fought on physical battlegrounds, but in the invisible realms of the digital world. We are confronted with the encroachment of surveillance, tracking, and control over every facet of our lives. Our personal liberties are under threat due to the pervasive digitalization and control mechanisms that have become part of our everyday existence.

In a thought-provoking series of prints, the artist reflects on the modern struggle for freedom. Each piece represents a contemporary freedom fighter, a symbol of resistance against the encroaching digital dystopia. These artworks resonate with the concerns of our time, where surveillance is omnipresent, and individual actions are closely scrutinized.

Bob Geerts, b. 1990, Netherlands

Bob Geerts' artistic journey spans 13 years, starting as a tattoo artist, discovering strength in bold lines, vivid colors, and vintage tattoo imagery. Seeking profound creative freedom, he returned to his roots as a painter, delving into folk and modern art.  He finds inspiration in the 1920s imagery and the modernism of painting, with influences from Russian avant-garde and cubism.

His tattoo experience reshaped Bob's creative perspective. He believes that everything has already been done, and the key lies in tapping into what triggers and fascinates you. Centering around the human figure as a relatable canvas for emotions and stories, he merges tattoo and painting worlds while celebrating both.