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As another highlight for winter season we are excited to present the bronze sculpture 'Snow People' in collaboration with canadian artist Michael Swaney (b. 1978), who lives and works in Barcelona. This sculpture edition is inspired by the original painting 'Snehuliak 2' which is shown below. Each bronze sculpture is hand finished by the artist and therefore unique.

To get an exclusive preview please write to julia@oneoffany.com.

Edition Info
Size: 35cm (height) x 15,8cm (width) x 15,8 cm (depth)
Medium: Bronze with unique, hand painted details
Volume: 8 + 2 proofs

Launching 8 Dec 2022 // 4pm CET

Michael Swaney, Snehuliak 2, 2021
90 × 100 cm, mixed media on canvas

About the artist:

Michael Swaney (b. 1978, Kimberley, British Columbia) is an artist living and working in Barcelona, Spain. For nearly twenty years, Swaney has been crafting exuberant paintings, works on paper, ceramics and installations. Swaney’s visual universe is expansive and rich, exhibiting a childlike intensity paired with baroque detailing. For his subject matter, Swaney often refers to pop culture, YouTube and product branding motifs which he approaches with sincerity and humor. Swaney’s mosaic projects began as an artistic community intervention and have grown into an elaborate body of work. In his mosaics, Swaney embraces the opportunity to work with artists of various backgrounds, ages and abilities, all of which underscores the uniting potential of art. His art has been shown internationally in countries like the USA, Canada, Spain, Belgium, Germany, i.a. 

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