Denise Rudolf Frank

Denise Rudolf Frank, born 1993 in Vienna, studied painting at Central St. Martin’s, London and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Her expressions are a passionated plea for interpreted joie de vivre and concentrated zest for action. Through her powerful and sensual handwriting, she seeks touch to profound, simmering impulses and brings them to the surface; a process both deeply personal and cathartic. In her practice, she becomes an energy centre that seeks friction with personal and social conventions, rules and established structures– with her temperamental charm and painterly density she dreams her very personal view of the world.

Solo Exhibitions:
2021 - NBB Gallery, BERLIN
2021 - Solo Booth at MISA DISCOVERIES @ König Galerie, Berlin
2021 - Pablos Birthday Gallery, NEW YORK
2020 - Emotion Explosion: ELIGERE GALLERY, SEOUL
2020 - Emotion Explosion: Galerie Clemens Gunzer, SALZBURG
2020 - Diary, Barock Schlössel, Kunstverein MISTELBACH
2019 - The Conscious Subconscious: Peanut Factory, LONDON
2019 - The Conscious Subconscious: Art Factory Gross Siegharts, Thayaland Galleries, RAABS
2019 - X DAYS: X Members Club, VIENNA
2018 - The End Has Begun: Projektraum Victor Bucher, VIENNA
2018 - Denise Rudolf Frank meets the kitchen club, Sophienalpe, VIENNA
2017 - HVOB: Check Festival, Arena, VIENNA
2017 - eat it: Kapelle Luki Pop-Up Project, STEYR
2017 - Denise Rudolf Frank – Werksammlung: Im Kollektiv, VIENNA
2016 - Unikatessen: Unikatessen Concept Store, VIENNA

Group Exhibitions:
2020 - NBB Gallery, BERLIN
2020 - Vienna Contemporary: Galerie Clemens Gunzer, VIENNA
2020 - Parallel Vienna: Emotion Explosion, Vienna
2020 - Galerie Clemens Gunzer, PÖRTSCHACH
2020 - Living Studio: Frei_Raum, Museumsquartier, VIENNA
2019 - Japan Art Festival: Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, TOKYO
2019 - Temporality: Lucerne Studio, LONDON
2019 - Sinnesrausch: Galerie Sophia Vonier, SALZBURG
2019 - Japan Art Festival: Schloss Schönbrunn - Orangerie, VIENNA
2019 - Group Show: Central Saint Martins, LONDON
2018 - Projectstatement: Detox at the Parallel VIENNA
2018 - Rundgang Show: Academy of Fine Arts, VIENNA
2016 - Masterclass Exhibition: Novomatic Artforum, VIENNA
2014 - Diploma Exhibition: Albertina Museum, VIENNA
2014 - Masterclass Exhibition: Novomatic Artforum, VIENNA