Painting has always been an intuitive process for Rhys Lee. Through a vibrant palette, his playful mark making draws from personal memories in a moment of cathartic release. Lee’s fractured portraits and still life compositions often rely on a cubist aesthetic. By fusing these traditional art tendencies with the graffiti influences from his youth, Lee powerfully develops a unique, experimental and raw practice. 

One element that seems to be an unconsciously reappearing subject within his latest work is the apple. Its attractive shape and color - as well as being very symbolic and charged with meaning throughout history - seem to have caught the artist’s attention. Thus the work ‘Everyday Apples’ was chosen to be recreated in a sculptural form for this collaboration. All pieces were inspired from the original painting shown below and will be available from 06/23/2022.

Lee has been exhibited widely both nationally and internationally, with solo exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Australia, Germany, Paris and New Zealand. He was a finalist in the 2012 Archibald Prize and his works have found their home in many public and private collections, including the National Gallery of Australia, Artbank and the National Library of France.

Rhys Lee Everyday Apples Original Painting

Rhys Lee, Everyday Apples, 2022
Oil on canvas

NBB Gallery Rhys Lee Everyday Apples on show

Rhys Lee, Everyday Apples, 2022
Wood / Mdf, acrylic paint, silver marker
Unique / Hand-painted by the artist

Currently on display at NBB Gallery in Berlin.