Jonathan Edelhuber

Wallsculpture, 'Heavy Is The Head', 2022
Raw, massive steel, water cut, refused, oiled
10 + 2 proofs
30cm x 26cm x 6cm

All works are signed and accompanied with a crate and COA. The back of the sculpture has two extra hanging gaps / nicks to guarantee an easy and safe display. Furthermore, OOA will include gloves and a special construction kit for all customers.

Jonathan Edelhuber is a Nashville based artist who works primarily in painting, drawing, and sculpture. His work is steeped in art history and places itself in a long lineage of artists who have created work according to formal teaching. He celebrates that history and uses the cannon to bolster a new way of seeing through bold color, line and texture. While his subjects seem direct, there’s often an underlying notion. An urgency to live is seen through his handling of the materials. A pure enjoyment of art and life is grasped by his painting, scraping, adding and subtracting of color and line, and his carefully curated and composed imagery.